EHBC is engaged in taking the Gospel to the World.  In 2012 we supported mission trips to SE Asia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malawi, Mexico and Texas.  In 2013 we supported trips to East Asia, Ukraine, Malawi, Mexico and Texas.  In 2014 we are reaching out to East Asia, Mexico, Malawi and Texas. 

Our most hands on international mission work takes place in Malawi, Africa as we partner with Washington-Osage Baptist Association.  We engaged an unreached tribal area called kalulu with the Gospel for the very first time in 2011.  We saw God start two new churches.  In 2012 those churches were strengthened and areas around them were preached to.  In the summer of 2013 we continued to share the gospel with the 28 other villages in the Kalulu Area. We continue in 2014 to reach those 28 villages of Kalulu with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Because of a great famine in the area we were able to provide enough food for the entire Kalulu area that kept thousands from starving to death. Their village headmen are begging us to get to their people with the Gospel.


  September 2018  
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